Bespoke Studios Designed for You
If you are looking for a unique build that serves many functions, finished to a high standard, we may well be the company you are looking for.
Ross Clarke


At Fat Leaf we specialize in bespoke, turnkey studios in gardens. We have the resources to build onsite as well as modular builds which are craned in if the access allows. We take care of all aspects of your build, groundworks, electrics, plumbing as well as all finishing details, so you only have to deal with one person throughout the build.

Every build is different, and clients often approach us with a specific idea in mind, but at the core of that idea has to be how you will use your studio – whether it’s a workspace, a breakout space, living accommodation for guests or extended family, or a home gym – each of these uses will require a different approach to design. We spend a lot of time assessing what clients’ want to achieve with their studio before beginning the design process.

Our builds are very varied, we have built studios on ground screws, trailer chassis, concrete pads or timber joists; we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each, but ultimately each site is different so there isn’t one “right answer”. In terms of services, it is much the same – each site is different, but we will talk through the pros and cons of being off grid or not, the various ways we can deal with waste if you have a toilet or shower and give you detailed costings for each option.

If you contact us about a build we will do a site visit and survey for free as well as a basic sketch and ballpark price. If the ballpark price is broadly acceptable, we then start designing, involving you in every step – your feedback is vital to this process. And then the fun bit begins – the build, whether it is an onsite build or a modular build, we keep you updated with the process and progress throughout. Far from being a stressful experience, most of our clients really enjoy the actual build as we keep a clean and tidy site and communicate about all aspects of the build.