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Our Story

In 2009 father & son, Jim & Ross Clarke launched Fat Leaf, planning to take the world of Planters & Window Boxes by storm

It quickly became apparent that rather than mass producing thousands of products a year that our niche would be to offer a range of very well made, long lasting products direct to consumers.

It wasn’t long before our customers were asking us to build bespoke furniture & outdoor structures in our now, signature style and a couple of years after launching we started offing an extensive rage of outdoor furniture

We’ve been creating high quality planters and furniture ever since …

FAT LEAF Take on Landscaping and Commercial Projects


As we evolved and our reputation grew we started venturing into landscaping working alongside established local companies. One of those companies was run by Roger Cummings who saw the potential in our business and in 2015 he bought into Fat Leaf so that we could offer the compete package.

Fat Leaf’s first sister company Beer Garden Co was also established in 2015, specialising in the construction of high end beer gardens & pub furniture in London. Many of our Beer Gardens feature regularly in ‘Best garden in London lists’; in Time Out’s 2019 Best Beer Gardens in London, 4 of the top 10 were designed & built by us.

After spending a few years developing Beer Gardens, the owners of these bars and restaurants started asking us to do interior work. And this led on to bespoke shopfitting work too.

Up to date


When Coronavirus hit in 2020 our business was heavily reliant on the commercial work we had built up in pubs, bars, restaurants and shops; so we were very badly affected and had to restructure somewhat focusing more on residential work. We started designing & building high end kitchens and interiors using the knowledge we had built up working in Bars & Restaurants, thereby extending our business.

We are now at a point where we have a large workforce and offer a complete service in terms of design & build and project management. When we take on a new client or project we are heavily invested in its success and give our full commitment to realising the potential of that business